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Exhibition and Retail Display Specialist in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

With more than 9 years' experience, Red Bellwether specialises in the design and manufacture of award winning exhibition stands in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Taking into consideration your budget, we will strive to set you apart from your competitors by focusing not only your unique display requirements but also the message your company wishes to communicate to its prospects. Our highly experienced design team, factory staff and project managers guarantee winning results each and every time through meticulous planning and a positive can-do attitude!


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Designers’s Note by Charlotte Weingartz

My name is Charlotte Weingartz, also known by my close friends and family as Charli. I am a designer with a Bachalor of Arts degree in Interior Design from The Design School of Southern Africa in Pretoria. 

The 15th of February 2017 marks my one year anniversary of working with Red Bellwether and while most believe that the best years of life lay in varsity, I believe that mine have just begun! I have learnt more in just one year of working with the RB family than I could ever have imagined I could be taught in 3! Also being allowed to be activly involved in other areas, such as project management and sales, has allowed me to not only grow as a professional but also as an individual.


As designers, we continously stive to produce amazing, out-of-the-box designs that will wow our clients, but, unfortunately, we are often restricted by either the less creative and more technical folk who roam the factory floor, or tight budgets in tough economical times. At Red Bellwether, however, this is not the case! Here we do not believe in producing presentable yet easy to build stands, here we believe in making crazy ideas come to life!!! Our factory manager and carpenters alike love a good challenge and often encourage us to go a little crazy. The other factor that allows us to let our creativity fly is that our pricing is absolutely unbeatable! We can truly push the limits of creative design and still know that the costing team will do everything in their power to ensure that the quotation aligns with the client’s budget.


During my time here at Red Bellwether I can sincerely say that the people I once saw as collegues, have soon become family. With our team work growing each day, and continued support, it is hard not to feel a bond and I am very grateful for that.


I am very excited to share my ideas, designs and experiences in the future! Keep in touch with us and watch us grow into Johannesburg’s leading Exhibition and Retail Display Specialists!

Last modified on February 13, 2017