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Shopfitting design, manufacturing, and shop installation for retail outlets.

Brand positioning. Space. Visual stimulation. Ease of product access. Information.
These are the basic fundamentals taken into consideration at the start of the shopfitting design process. A successful and engaging retail interior should be built with all these key components.

We operate within many industries namely automotive, mobile, banking, cosmetic, fashion, medical, hospitality, and travel.

We use the latest technology in software and equipment. Every component is manufactured in-house. We create outstanding designs and visually appealing spaces.


Our aim is to always meet your brand’s requirements but also practicality. As a result, we produce a functional and beautifully crafted installation. Red Bellwether transforms your brand identity into a world-class retail interior that reflects your company’s visual identity, ethos, and culture. Furthermore, it offers your customers a pleasant but more importantly, a satisfying retail experience.

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Specialists in modern retail design and shopfitting.

  • Design and layout
  • Construction
  • Steel work
  • Shop ceilings and partitions
  • Electrics and plumbing
  • Construction and tiling
  • Multiple project manufacture and installation capabilities
  • Countrywide installations

We build, renovate, construct and beautify your retail environment.

We create sophisticated spaces that emphasise your products because with good store planning, layout and shopfitting you can increase your walk-ins and impulse buyers, therefore boosting sales.

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The brief was to create a simple display to showcase Japan’s pioneering photographic film maker’s products within a store.

Leroy Merlin

Make Your Home The Best Place to Live.

Whether you’re building your first store or you are an established retailer in the market for a store revamp. Our experienced team of professionals will ensure that the highest standards of quality are met with every project.

“Shopping should be a pleasant experience, for those who enjoy it.”